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Re: Odometer Sticks in Hot Weather

Hairy green toads from Mars made Rob Roesler say:

> My 84 4000SQ has an odometer that sticks, but only when the temperature
> outside gets over 70 farenheit. I live in San Francisco and the odometer
> stops working when I leave the city for warmer climates on the Penninsula,
> but begins working again when I enter the fog and lower temps of SF. 
> Has anyone encountered this problem? I have contacted a speedometer repair
> shop in SF and they have quoted me a price of $225. My feeling is that it
> just needs lubrication and they're gouging me.

It's broken.

This is the same old VDO odometer syndrome. My old VW Golf had it.
There is a little plastic gear inside that fails and stops turning.

There is a VDO repair shop somewhere (mentioned recently on list?)
that can do the job for much less.


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