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Re: 1987 5000CS TQW Tire Question...

> recommendations. I currently have Dunlop D60 A2's which seem to perform 
> very well. I am not a very agressive driver by the way. I have read that 
> the Dunlops are highly rated by CR - they are smooth quiet and handle 
> well and they are a lot less expensive than some of the others I've read 
> about.
D@M%!  CR rates these tires highly ... I guess I'll have to look for new
tires now!

I have had good results with the D60A2s on the 5kCSTQW.  The price is 
pretty hard to beat and they actually perform quite well.  I really 
hate tires that scream at you when you are pushing things in corners,
the Dunlops are quiet and work well in rain ... mine don't see much 
snow ...

Does anyone know what CR though of the SP 8000's?  I hope they hated 
them!  ;-)  Anyone found any better deal on 215/50x15's other than
Tire Rack?  I gotta put some meats on my new Fuchs 5-spoke for the QTC.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)