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Subject: FS: 1987 Audi Coupe
Date: 21 May 1996 14:11:58 GMT
Organization: SuperNet Inc. +1.303.296.8202 Denver Colorado
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     For Sale:  1987 Audi 4000 GT Coupe
New low price:  $4100 (negotiable)

This was Audi's luxury sports car for 1987.  The original selling price
was $18,500.  I'm the second owner.  I purchased the car in 1989 for 
$12,200 with 23K miles.

 Engine:  130 HP, straight 5 cylinder engine, FWD, standard 5-speed tranny
  Miles:  Approximately 95,000
Mileage:  Approximately 24 city, 34 highway
  Color:  Red
 Stereo:  Pioneer AM/FM/CD player (brand new, 4 speakers, great sound)
  Alarm:  Code Alarm (w/ 2 transmitters, and disable switch inside car)
  Power:  Windows, locks, steering, brakes
  Tires:  Okay
  Other:  AC, sunroof, electronic dash, rear defroster, Audi floor mats

The body, paint, glass, and upholstery are in excellent condition (only
a couple of small dings in the body, no rust).  The car has been
meticulously maintained and is mechanically in great shape.  It has
been recently serviced (tune-up, oil change, new air filter, new heater
core, new drive belts, new front control arm bushings, new CV boots,
brakes and water pump were done about 1 year ago.)  The engine runs
extremely well and has lots of power.  This is a fun car to drive - as
most German cars are.  This car has lots of miles left.

The only significant defect with the car is that the front driver's
seat frame is weak (no upper back support) and could use some repair.
I will negotiate that repair work as part of the deal.

The car comes with an extra set of tires (studded snow tires) and a
lockable ski rack.  If you have questions, or would like to see or test
drive the car, please give me a call or send e-mail.  I'm selling the
Audi because I recently purchased a new VW Passat and have no need for 
a second car.

BTW, I've seen other '87 Audi Coupes advertised in the Denver Post for
as much as $5500, which is a lot more than the $4100 I'm asking.

Michael Bishop
Phone: (970) 224-9212 (Fort Collins, Colorado, leave message)
Email: mxbish2@uswest.com