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Re: Audi Trans Am

>I offer the folowing:  In the 1989 IMSA series, a certain Mr. Goodyear did 
>team with Haywood in an Audi GTO car during the Mosport Park (25 June 
>1989) and Elkhart Lake rounds (16 July 1989).  Was it Scott? This data 
>comes from an annual  motorsports compilation put together by Audi AG 
>(finger resting lightly on the buzzer, but without malice or rancor).

I totally forgot the 12 and 24 hour races!  Dooouuugghhhh!!!  At both 
Mosport and R/A my co-driver tried his best to wad our race car into a 
ball 12 min into the mosport race and 27min into the R/A race both times 
the car spent over 2.5 hours in the pits getting fixed then I ran the car 
as hard as I could for 3-4 hours at a time and then let the idiot back 
into the car for 1.25 hours so I could get a nap then I went back in.  
Did I mention that those races wern't alot of fun?  I was a little to 
fried to get result sheets!  Thanks for reminding me!  Now I do seem to 
remember seeing Scotty G and some others in the paddock/pits that did'nt 
normally run in the series.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO