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A/C is fixed!!!

Well I found a good honest place to get my car fixed yesterday.

I went to Andy's Auto Repair in Nashua, NH.  Told him my woes
of the A/C and how my wife's idea of an incentive to get her car fixed 
is take mine. :-)  Smart wife she is.......  He offered to give me a ride 
back to work and take a look at the car.  Figured might as well let 
him check it out......

Called back a few hours later and he say's he was looking at 
the clutch and it was half engaged.  He took it apart and cleaned
it up, cleaned up some contacts for a magnet that tells the clutch
to engage and wallah A/C :-)  Charged me $38.- for labor.

He mentioned that if it binds again I may to replace it, but in a
pinch I can tap it with a hammer to get it going again.

He could of easily took me for big cash but he didn't and
I will continue to bring both cars there for non-audi specific
problems until I'm confident he can tackle the bigger stuff.

He has 5 bay's, the shop appears neat, clean and well
equipped.  He tries to take cars on a walk in... err drive...
sometimes push in... basis :-)

Just a happy customer :-)


Mike L.
90 V8
89 100 Avant
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