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Re: Brake fade

On Wed, 22 May 1996, Stephen Williams wrote:

> 	All I know is I now have MetalMasters on the 200tqw, and although 
> they have about 60% left, I cannot wait to get them off.  Under hard 
> braking these things really suffer from fade.  Wouldn't buy them again at 
> any price.  I know opinions on this list vary regarding MM's, but I will 
> say this:  proper installation, proper break-in, and good fluid have done 
> absolutely Nothing to help these things. 
Brake fade has a LOT to do with the rotor, not just the pads. MM's are 
pretty good for light apps, but dont go racing with them (not hard racing 

> 	I am convinced [after a ride in Eric's car] that Cool Carbons are 
> the way to go, albeit substantially more expensive.

..and ask Eric what kind of rotors he has! <wink>


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