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GT power window reg. problem

Well, the Audi gods are cruel.  They know that I am interviewing for
jobs and so, in expectation of a soon-to-be-acquired salary, have begun
ripping my car to pieces.  They must have heard all the talk about the
hydraulic clutch problems, too, and figured it was my turn.   :-(

So, today's problem is the power window regulator (the @#$^%# $180 used
one I bought from Shokan about 2 years ago).  The motor and cable is fine,
but the small piece of metal that bolts to the windows and slides up and
down is messed up.  It has a small recessed enclosure that holds it to
the cable (there is a small round metal piece attached to the cable that
sits in this recess).  Well, one of the side slits of the recess where the
cable sits has stripped through (i.e. the metal has been "punched" though
by the cable attachment).

If someone knows what I'm talking about and has an idea on how to fix the
metal, I would really appreciate it.  I tried to squeeze the two sides
together with pliers, but that didn't work (it is pretty strong for pot


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