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Less HELP!!

Hello all,
I have an update on my electrical problems,
sorry to keep the bandwith up, but i'm starting t
to get this thing fixed. Tach, parking brake light
work now, still no OXS light or battery light 
or charge on the battery, i have a VDO voltmeter
hooked up under the daSH to see what is going
on and if I start the engine, it won't charge until 
I rev it up to about 3 grand, the volt meter will
JUMP up to 13 volts or so, but if I turn on the A/C
or lights or anything like that the charging will
cease and no matter what I do, it will just continue 
to discharge the battery (even tried flipping the 
ignition switch off and on quickly) Someone, please
help, like I mentioned in the last letter, The ground
strap from the block to the coil fell off while running
I was unaware of this until I tried to start my car and..
just dash lights, note: all dash lights worked then, 
after trying to start with no ground, no dash lights (
OXS and battery) but all the rest of the stuff in the whole 
car works fine, tach, lights for night, autocheck, etc.
Is there some relay I am missing that I should check/
replace? I already changed the relief relay, is there 
anything else?
I am stumped,
Anything would help,
Thanks, I owe you all,
Rich Andrews