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RE: <a4Q> The First 1000 Miles

I have an A4Q as well, and haven't experienced the same buffeting as you or 
the hashness in shifting.  However, I have had a LOT of buffeting with the 
driver window and sunroof open.  It's louder than my vette convertible when 
it's open and I go slightly deaf in the left ear at 35-40mph!
I find that when I shift from 3rd to 4th, under partial to full throttle, 
there is a weird vibration in the drivetrain, like a strange resonance.  
Anyone else notice this in theirs?

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Subject: 	<a4Q> The First 1000 Miles

Thought I would share my thoughts on my first 1000 miles of the A4Q.  This
is without a doubt one of the finest cars I've ever driven; far beyond the
other Audis I have spent time in (mostly from the late 80s and early 90s).
Automobile this month described the A4 as "poised" and I must say that while
I had been struggling with the right term, poised seems to be as good as
any.  Although I have been quite sweet to it during its break-in period, it
seems ready to handle just about anything.  It drives so smoothly and

I have a couple questions for other owners prior to taking the car in for
its 1000 check-up.  BTW, according to my dealer, cars purchased on or after
May 6 no longer get a 1000 check-up covered by the Audi Advantage program.
I don't know if this is true or not, those of you with brand new cars should
make sure you get this (it is in the service book)...

1.  Downshifts from 5-3 (this is the automatic) sometimes seem harsh,
occuring with a solid thud.  This seems to be out of character for this
transmission which is otherwise exceptionally smooth.

2.  With the sunroof open (slid back) and the windows closed, I get a lot of
wind buffeting in the car at about 30-35 mph.  My guess is that this is a
basic design flaw in the way the air moves around, but wanted to see if
others experienced this.

BTW, I did see the Audi spoiler that's available for the A4.  Although the
accessory book shows it with an integrated brake light, the actual unit did
not have it.  I didn't buy it as the spoiler blocks the third brake light
and I didn't want a tacked-on look.  I did, however, get a good price quote,
if any one is interested ($245, plus ~$150 for painting and installation).

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