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Re: HelP!!!!!!!

 rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu (R Justin Andrews)

 RJA> oops, it's and '84 anyways, I ran my car all day, ran fine.
 RJA> got home, went to start it and nothing! DAMN IT! Tried changeing
 RJA> alternator, brushes, condensor, nothing, now only my parking brake

    <non-charging explanation deleted>

    If it's an 84, it might be the wire that runs from
    alternator up into the instument cluster. If this wire
    is frayed or broken it won't send the "charge" signal.
    Best fix is to just replace the entire wire, toughest
    part of the operation is removing the steering wheel
    to get at the back of the instrument cluster. When I
    changed the alternator a few years ago (bought a Bosche
    rebuilt..which turned out to be a brand spanking new
    unit in a box marked rebuilt) I disturbed the wire
    enough to cause the no charge condition. It was
    a lesson in "if it aint broke.." because the only
    reason I pulled the old alternator was because the
    bearings were a little too loud.


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