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Re: Less HELP!!

> >no,no,no.....i changed the alternator and voltage regulator already
> >the dealer seemed pretty clear that if the battery light did not
> >come on when the ignition switch was turned that it would not
> >"excite" the alternator which causes it to charge.
> The "battery" light in the dash is connected before the main diodes.  If it
> doesn't come on when the key is turned on, either it isn't live at the
> alternator, or the feed to the light is bad.  The light doesn't excite the
> alternator, it indicates that the alternator is excited (so to speak).  If
> you really don't think this is true, it would be easy to connect a separate
> light to that wire from the alternator and see what happens.  You should be
> able to find that wire at the alternator, and you should probably meter it
> anyway.
I just got off the phone with lord or the rings, a service center
that specializes in fixing VW's and Audi's I asked the service 
LADY what she thought it was and she agreed with the fact that it probably
was the blue wire that ran off the alternator into the wiring harness,
well, i ran a seperate wire to where it met in the harness and low and behold,
all dash lights work, charges when starts, don't have to rev, and alternator
does NOT cut out, Damn piece of SH*T audi thin wiring! Oh, well, now my car 
works again. Thanks to all who responded and I appreciate it.
I think I'm going to change my oil, maybe that will appease the Audi
Gods..... Hopefully.
I guess I'll say my prayers tonight to the Audi Gods in thanks.
Rich Andrews
'83 5KST (sold)
'84 5KS (fixed, finally)
'84 CGT (was dad's-sold)
'85 5KS (mom's)
'86 5KS (gone)
'88 90 (brother's)
'90 200T (dad's)