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V8 Brakes

The V8's brakes are going to need some work soon. I've started looking at
replacing the UFO's with the normal calipers from the 200. While checking
the part#'s I noticed that this 'upgrade actually reduces the area of the
rotor by about 20%. The ufo rotor is 310mm vs 276mm on the 200.

Can anyone who has had both comment on the relative stopping power?
Logically the ufo's , being bigger, should be better, apart from the cost
of maintaining them and warping. I have not had any probs (yet) & am happy
with the braking performance of the car, so I am reluctant to possibly
downgrade the brakes. Are there any other options which will actually
improve the brakes, while reducing the ongoing cost of the UFO setup?

On the subsect of warping, has anyone actually seen a warped ufo rotor? I
had a good look at how they are assembled, and I suspect that the problem
is not so much the rotor warping as it moving relative to the mounting
dish. This would explain why the warped rotor can be fixed by repeated hard

John Firkins