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I hope you folks are all enjoying a good weekend since it's clear the Audi
gods have directed their ill will toward me...

First, I discovered my '89 200q uses a different timing belt than the one I
have on hand (it has more teeth and they're a bit deeper), then I found out
the pulley on the water pump I bought doesn't match, either.  No problem, I
thought to myself, I'll just borrow the crankshaft sprocket off my dead '87
5k and install the adjustable cam sprocket from Techtonics Tuning that I've
had sitting around for a while and everything will work out fine.

Unfortunately, when I went to install the new idler pulley, the little bolt
(4mm) that goes through it and screws into the block, broke.  Now, I've got
to pull the sump in order to remove the oil pump so I can get it out and as
I'll have everything apart, I might as well replace the crank seal too.  It
looks like there's a slight leak in the radiator, so I'd better get another
one ASAP now that summer's here and I should probably replace the hoses and
heater valve just to be safe since it looks like they are a couple of years
or so old.

Gee, while I'm at it, this looks like a good time to finally install my RS2
turbo and replace a dead passenger-side motor mount.  And since the car may
be down for a week or two, I may as well pull the exhaust manifold and send
it off to be extrude-honed then over to Jet Hot to be coated ... I probably
should do the intake manifold as well (it would look stupid otherwise) and,
Hey, why not replate and repaint the zillion-and-one brackets in the engine
compartment since they'll look out of place with the repainted valve cover.

If I quit my job and devote my efforts to this full-time, I'll have it back
on the road in no time ... of course, it still needs to be repainted and it
could use some new carpeting and I've got those Nissan 300ZX calipers to be
installed and the strut brace still needs to be fabricated...

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