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1)seats 2)trunk 3) coffee cups

All this attention to heated seats in May caused my StuporChip to kick in 
and suddenly the driver's seat heater stopped working.  Or so I thought, 
it kicks in every now and then for a few minutes and then kicks out again.
Can someone tell me (1) how the element is activated (2) what are the 
various switches, fuses, thermostats are that control this and where they 
(2) while waxing the car to try to get the seats working again, I noticed 
that there appears to be a vaccuum tube going to the trunk lock 
mechanism.  Is there a remote trunk release somewhere that I don't know 
(3) its a real problem having a slurp of coffee in the car as it 
apparently has no cup holders anywhere (the front console armrest is a 
tape storage bin)  Has anyone figured out how to put a cupholder in an 
'86 5000 CDt?

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