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Audi in Europe

In case some of you are interested, I was in the Munich, Salzburg and Zurich
area 2 weeks ago and have a chance to drive two different A6s for about 800
km (sat in one of them for another 600 km).  Here's my observation,

1) Very few Quattros !!  Saw maybe 2-3 Quattros (one of them a S4) in Germany
and a few in Austria and Switzerland ! What gives ?  Audi only markets
Quattros here ?  Asked my Germany Sales Manager (who drives Audi the last 15
years), too expensive, don't need them ! 

2) A lot of A4s.  Almost all I seen in Germany are 1.8, 1.8T and 1.8TDI.
 Only 2.8s I seen are in Switzerland and Austria.  Audi selling affordable
A4s in Germany and only exports expensive ones oversea ?  I have a loaded A4Q
because everyones are loaded so dealer here can make extra $$$$ ?  Don't get
me wrong, I love my A4Q very much but felt that there is very little choices
in term of options here.  My colleague told me Audi are very affordable as
they can come base usually or order as you like and wait 2-3 weeks.

3) The 1st A6 I drove is a 2.6 FWD Auto (rental with 1400 km).  Drove in the
rain and wet up to 200km/h.  Very stable and smooth.  Not as "powerful" as my
A4Q 2.8.  The second one is a 2.5TDI.  Not as smooth as the 2.6.  6 speed
manual.  Drove very well and very economical.  1000 km to the tank of ~80l (~
31 mpg).  Gas very very expensive about 1.4DM/l, considering $1.8/g in Ca.  

4) Don't have as good tires as in the US.  The TDI I drove has a 195/60Z
rated Goodyear versus the 205/55H rated for an A4.  A4 seems to have 185/60s.
 Most of the german A4s seem to be very basic insides.  The ones I saw in
Austria seem to be loaded like mine.

5) Autobahn could be irritating.  Drive a few to 10's minutes at 180-220 km/h
then have to slow down to 120km/h for any few minutes and then OK to speed
again !

6) Did not see a single A8 for the week I was there.  All the excitement here
in this bulletin board and did see a single one.  Another Audi USA marketing
thing ?  Saw quite a few of Mercedes Ss and some BMW 7s.  My colleague says
company cars.

7) My colleague told me he test drove an A4 modified with Porche engine,
suspension and brakes.  Very fast.  Did not know if it was modified by Audi
but knew the label is S4.  He borrow it from his mechanic.

8) There are a few tuning magazines there that have A4 articles but been in
German I did not buy them or could figure it out.

9) Bought the June Cars and Autocar in London.  There are articles on A6Q
with the new 2.8/30V engine.  Car compared it with the new 528, GS300 Sport
and 850R.  Picked the 528 as best overall.  If I remember it right Audi was