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     I don't think that will work too well.  My understanding is that the 
     whole problem with Audi lights IS the glass.  If you make this work, I 
     would be very interested in how you do it.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: LIGHTS!!!
Author:  Stephen Williams <mannlaw@indy.net> at Internet
Date:    5/26/96 3:39 PM

	Who has the solution to the Audi headlight problem?
	Can anyone quote me a price for the euro CiBi system?  It is my 
understanding that this is the ultimate setup.  Right? 
	Barring a purchase of these lights, I am going to create a gonzo light 
source that fits behind my headlight glass.  Having driven all night 
through the rain last night, I cannot explain how pissed I am at the 
headlights that are good for nothing but marking your car for oncoming 
traffic.  Info please.