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Re[2]: Karen Chadwick's email address...

     Hold your horses.
     Despite all that's been said and done, The reason that Karen is no 
     longer on this list or available via email at all is at the request of 
     QCUSA. It seems that against the wishes of the board of the club, 
     Karen took it upon herself to try to answer/not answer/answer 
     incorrectly, all of the items she was presented with by this list.
     Wether right or wrong, she is not the person we need to look to for 
     answers about the club. The items we're all looking to here about will 
     be presented to members first, in the next issue of the quarterly, and 
     then to the members of the list most likely via private email.
     Todd Candey.

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Subject: Re: Karen Chadwick's email address...
Author:  STEADIRIC@aol.com at ~internet
Date:    5/26/96 12:45 PM

>Unless I have her email address wrong, it looks like Karen Chadwick not only 
>unsubscribed from the Quattro list, she closed her AOL account.  Does anyone 
>know what her current email address (if any) is?
Oh that's beautiful!!!  Well folks that would be the answer that we are 
all looking for!
Anyone want to start a New Audi Club?
Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO
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