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Re: Black Dust Froom Bakes

Hairy green toads from Mars made Tony Fordham say:

> Hello Everybody,
> Thanks for the great answers to my past questions.
> I'm getting tired of the black dust that gets on my front wheels from my
> brake pads.  Imparts sells some pads that they claim to be "Dust 
> Free".  Does anybody know if these are really dust free, and if so, can I
> buy equivelant pads from my local parts store?  Is there a 
> particular brand or type I should look for?

These are Repco pads. They make a MetalMaster and a Deluxe Organic.
I think Imparts only sells the MetalMasters now.

They do work, and I highly recommend them, but get the Organic,  not
the Metal. These are not as good for regular around-town use.

Many import auto parts stores carry them.


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