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Re: 4KQ clutch new failure mode?

> I could not get the MC end of the busted linkage off the MC so I =
> 'experimented' with another one I had lying around from the late, =
> lamented now temporarily aborted KUQEFH project and discovered that one =
> must remove the circlip in the MC to remove the linkage and - of course =
> - SPROOOING! The whole F^&$*#W$$'n thing flew apart! (but I knew that - =

A similar thing happened to my parents several years ago while my father was
driving my '85 4k: the clutch pedal broke just below the pivot and fell off!

I just welded up the pedal and didn't bother to fix the spring.  I never had
any further problems with it and never missed the slight over-center assist.

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