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Re: Dialynx 10V turbo header

In a message dated 96-05-28 19:51:19 EDT, you write:

>Hey, who knows of these guys... p34 of July EC shows a picture. Reported
>10-12 hp boost, increased throttle response. How does this compare with the
>much vaunted 2 piece, or the two piece w/extrude honing? Unfortunately
>marketed by our 'good friends' @ T.A.P. (I really need to go down there next
>month). Guess I should call them and ask for some specs - don't need that hp
>up high - need it low or middle...

For the 750 get the two piece EM, it is as good (if not better) than the
dialynx....  Construction of the two piece looks better engineered too....  I
have the Dialynx propaganda somewhere here if you want to have me fax it to
you....  I think they were developing the unit at the same time audi was the
two piece......   Not sure the 150USD higher price is justified......   Look
at the REAL headers audi used in the race cars, and the 2-piece and the
Dialynx both look McMouse......