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Re: OOOOwww-D takes 'em to school in KY... A MUST READ!!

Hi Bob and the lovely Annetta,

(abfg) (another big grin...)

> One good lick deserves another, Bart.  An' a *mighty fine* lick was that
> fine dinner at the Pirate's Cove.  Thankee finely.  The drums continue to
> roll here in Gawd's country.  Ideal Q weather, indeed.  Unless yer Q don't
> float, that is.  How fast d'ya hafta get a Q up to afore it'll walk, er, uh,
> skip on 6 feet of water?  Got an answer, Steve?

I stopped to get gas 'tother day and remarked to the attendant "It looks like
the rain might stop soon and let the sun come out."  The attendant, about our
age, looked up and smiled, "I shore hope so.  Not for me, mind you, but for
my 16 year-old son.  I've seen the sun..."

> Yew and Dora ain't too shabby fur cat people, neither.  :-)  The boys didn't
> give us any lip about Bubba and Dune.  They don't mind us being around cats.
> They seem to think the smell is just an appetizer.  (BTW two might purdy
> yaller fellas ya got thar, Bart.)  Just don't let 'em get too close to the
> dawgs.  :-(  'Bout the only even slightly good thing likely to come of that
> would be that it'd likely be mercifully quick.  :-(

Yeah, BTDT, GTS (got the shirt)...  And the boys said to tell you that they
enjoyed your visit *too*!  They keep asking me what those (dog) smells were,
and I didn't have the heart to 'splain it to them.  Dogs are fine critters,
loved many of 'em m'self, but these guys are *so* naieve... don't want them
to be having nightmares about things they'll never experience...

> BTW, why you makin' that nice Dora lady you're married to live in a cat
> house?  :-)

(heh heh heh...)  Turn about's fair play.  The first place I lived in Viet Nam
was, indeed, a cat house, and it didn't have a single cat, either!  The Faire 
Dora knows this, but I'm not sure she really believes me when I mention it...

> Hey Y'all, when you get over Annapolis way, I can recommend a mighty fine
> place for a visit.  :-)  Unka Bart's got himself a mighty nice spread in the
> woods.

Kind words from a FINE feller!  And as several other folks on the list know, 
Audi folks are always welcome!  The Faire Dora can always use some Distaff 
company/conversation, so we're ready to organize/host a group-grope where
the one half "talk cars"* and the other half talk about [whatever they talk 
about when the one half talk cars] (Mercy, being PC makes for wordy writin'...)

*PC for "lie, quaff fermented beverages, expell various bodily gasses, etc..."

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart