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Re: I-5 oil consumption...

On Wed, 29 May 1996, Ernest Wong wrote:

> Is the valve gasket leaking. Mine used to leak till I replaced it with the
> synthetic gasket( not cork one ). The synthetic gasket is supposed to be a
> lifetime part (versus the 30,000mile cork one).

Actually, the rubber valve cover gasket, which was replaced about a year 
ago, IS leaking; the leak is small however.  Lifetime part my arse!  
That's just another dealer ploy to get you to buy one...

> HOpe all is well with your engine.

ME TOO!  Hell, it's only got 110k on it.  Must be a leak somewhere; I 
haven't seen any smoke out of the exhaust.

I guess this is my payback for meticulously maintaining my car...... ;-/  I 
just spent $700 on the suspension system to "tune" it and the shimmy at 
speed is STILL there...barely, but it's still there.  Additionally, I now 
find that it's going to cost in excess of $1000 to get my A/C back 

Am I driving a 90 or a 928....??