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Re: R&R of hydraulic pump bushing

I've rebuilt a few hydraulic pumps to get rid of the ubiquitous leaks.  After 
spending all too much on Audi seal kits I resorted to Ace Hardware and the 
Kohler toilet O-ring assortment box. No kidding, I have had very good luck that 
way and none have failed that repair.   The most important one is the large 
single ring under the aluminum screw in assembly within the reservoir.  That is 
the one that usually is causing leaks,  but is overlooked.  Not sure about the 
bushing replacement as I've not replaced any, but access seems fairly simple.  
Complete removal and disassembly in less than an hour once you've done it.

On Thu, 30 May 96, Alan Cordeiro <cordeiro@avlna.com> wrote:
>At 03:38 PM 5/29/96 EDT, you wrote:
>>Anyone ever R&R the bushing in the hydraulic pump? Discovered
>>mine was on its way out a few days ago. The pump itself seems
>>fine, i.e., steering and brakes operating normally, but the
>>bushing is going south. (intensity of bad noises directly
>>proportional to belt tension)
>>Or should I just suck it up and buy a new pump?
>>Eric T.     '86 5kS
>Replacing the bushing requires almost a total disasembly. If
>you still have the original on your '86, the rubber seals
>( O-rings) will be going bad SOON. replace them too.
>******* Caution: rebuilding these ZF pumps is not the run of
>the mill repair. Many folks have had unsucessful rebuilds.
>Recommend you get the original AUDI replacement kit, about
>$25 to 30 from Carlsen.