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Re: Lurker tries to post again (who was that masked man?....)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Nick Deutsch say:

> After doing a lot of research and definitely NOT wanting any Michelins 
> which are outright dangerous in wet, I settled on Dunlop 60 A2 tires and 
> so far I am extremely pleased with my choice. Consumer Report did a 
> performance tire test (Jan,95) and the Dunlop came out as winner hands down.

How long have you had them?

I was just deciding today that these would make a very good cost-effective
compromise to not getting more Comp T/A VR4's. I can save 1/3 of the
price with the D60A2's.

What are your impressions of the tire? How's the dry versus wet handling?
Any experience on snow? Smooth tracking and all that? Mostly, how soft
are the sidewalls? Do you get any tire roll-over?


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