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Re: Merc & Audi

In Asia if you purchase a MB, they are all built in Thailand. 

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA. 
92' 100 V6

On Thu, 30 May 1996, Cobram wrote:

> Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 12:30:00 -0640
> From: Cobram <cobram@channel1.com>
> To: QUATTRO@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re: Merc & Audi
>  tnas@dtpdirect.nl (Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv) writes:
>  T> Some time ago there was a thread on the list about Mercs & Audis being
>  T> related in some way during the 70s. If I remember correctly, it was
>  T> dismissed at the time as being not true.
>        Someone posted that the Audi Engine in that car was
>        actually a Mercedes design, but Mercedes didn't want
>        to lower it's reputation by being associated with
>        a lower end of the market.
>  T> This was because, he said, Audis were sold in Spain under the
>  T> Mercedes-Benz name, however with the 4 rings still on the front.
>        Audi's may have been sold by Mercedes dealers also, but
>        it's highly suspect that they were ever badged Mercyless
>        Benz. As far as I know, Mercedes has never allowed it's
>        name on anything it didn't produce or have direct control
>        over. Only thing I've seen with the pointed star that
>        weren't directly manufactured by Benz are trucks and 
>        buses, but those have all Mercedes running gear, thus
>        they allow the Star.
>  T> this. To my knowledge there is no local assembly of MB in Spain. There
>        I've seen many complete Mercedes engines (both diesel and 
>        gasoline), running gear assemblies, etc that were manufactured 
>        in Spain. Although, never here in the USA, just in Africa and 
>        South America. They usually have 2 prices too, the German one 
>        always being more expensive. Never heard of a Spanish complete
>        Benz though.
> ... No generalization is wholly true, not even this one.
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