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Audi Models

Anyone have any intrest in the following Model kits or cars?
I will be ordering some and the bigger the order the better.
 1:24 scale model kits:
   Rally QTC 10v  Mounton/Pons Accropolis Rally
   Stock QTC 10v
   Rally Cosworth Esscort
   Rally Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
   Rally Renualt R5
   Rally & Stock Lancia Delta Int.
   Porsche 959
   90 Quattro 4 door
 1:87 scale cars:
   A8 - A6 - A4  
   1990 Coupe Q
   83 - 87 QTC
   V8 & V8 evo
   S2 yes S2 Coupe

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