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RE: 96 A4 Bugs?!

I know what you are talking about with the cD player, but I usually put on the 
radio at first.  I'll have to actually pay attention tomorrow morning.
BTW- is the volume for your CD lower than the radio?   My volume is 
significantly lower, so I turn it up, then get blasted when the radio is 
switched on.  Any suggestions?


From: 	Ti Kan
Sent: 	Thursday, May 30, 1996 12:28 AM
To: 	Jonathan Linkov
Cc: 	pk@orac.com; quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: 	Re: 96 A4 Bugs?!

Jonathan Linkov wrote:
> P.K. Shiu wrote:
>> Well, after a few weeks of driving the A4Q, I seems to found several
>> minor computer controller type problems. I have experienced the following,
>> once each:
>> 1) A/C Compressor stopped working. Started after I restarted the car.
>> 2) All radio station memory was lost after parked overnight.
>> 3) The recirculate air button refuse to engage when the ventilation system
>> is on manual mode. Switch to auto and it works.
> I haven't seen any of these problems except the third one.  I haven't been 
> able to get the recirc on except with the AC an only on auto.  Is this 
> or a defect?

I don't have any of these problems, I think.  I just tried turning
on recirc with manual fan speed settings and it worked fine.
The AC compressor must be on, though.  Didn't try engaging recirc
with manual air direction (will try that tomorrow morning).

One bug I did find on my A4 has to do with the CD changer.  If I load
a new CD magazine while the car is shut off (i.e., the radio is off
from having removed the key), when I start the car (and the radio
comes back on in CD mode) it displays "CD01TR01" as it should, but
it doesn't play.  If I turn off the radio and then turn it back on
again, then it will start playing.

Anyone else in an A4 with CD changer experience this?

Other than this minor "bug" my A4Q has been total joy.  This is one
fine automobile.

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