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Re: Obviously I have upset a few people.....

> F*ck 'em, and don't sweat the small minded.  Leave your sig as it was, there's 
> no harn in it, and it benefits the rest of us who are always looking for a 
> friendly place to shop!

> Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart

Ohhh, yer so kind!

Personally I don't get offended by the .sig as much as if the post itself
is an ad. Sheesh, this is sorta self-identity, you know? Everyone does
have life (I hope) one way or the other, and one of them is that we have
some sort of day job (ur... I hope).

If we go teeth-picking about the .sig line -- what's next? Do all of us
have to change the name to "Bob" because uniqueness counts as
advertisement to be copied/sold/etc.?

As long as the post itself is not an ad, I don't see the problem with .sig
line containing whatever it's suppose to contain. Of course, a 1-page .sig
like those people who post in *.games group is damn annoying -- so keep it
reasonable! And "reasonable" does include your day job and so forth.

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