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V8, various sensor readings....

Ok,  I took kind of an extended lunch today...
 ssshhhhh... don't tell my boss :-)

Pulled out the new Sunpro Meter :-) the new V8 
factory manual, (thanks Cobram....)  and started 
checking things ....

Intake Air Temperture Sender:

Factory Spec 450-550 ohms
Actual measured value 563 ohms

Coolant Temperture Sensor:
(supposed to be done at 68f)
I did at probably 150f

Factory Spec 1.5 to 3.0 ohms
Actual measured value .. anywhere from 35 -200 ohms

Acted very strange too, the reading was only there for a
1/4 second or so when I touched it with the probes
then the meter went to no signal.  Every time I touched 
pins I got a different reading.

Does the coolant temperture really matter that much ? 
I'm going to try it again tomorow morning when the car 
is cold and see what I get.

O2 sensor:

Factory Spec 450 +/- 50mv	
Actual Measured Value 438-442

None of the sensors appear to be exactly in spec.  
But are they close enough ?

That is my question.

Oh, Also Cobram had mentioned a possibility it may be the ECU from
the tranny.  Disconnected and reconnected  both Motronic ECU and 
tranny ECU.  No difference. 

Anybody now how just how accurate these sensors need to be ?

Thanks for your anticipated help :-)

Mike L.
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