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Re: Do we really want or need a new

[from Audidudi]

T'would be nice to get them MN centric folks on the web or at least in the
Internet. That why much more immediated communication channels can be
opened up to the members. And info for 'hooking' possible new members.
After using this list, we all know how painfully slow in comparison snail
mail can be. Not to mention waiting for a Quarterly.

Maybe our feeling about their inertia is that we are so spoiled by this
list. I can pop a question about Audi and be hit by responses in less than
a day. Thankyou Dan.

Unless them MN folks enjoy them inbreeding . . .

>> My thoughts exactly. Get organized, get some non-MN people in the inner
>> circle and change things. It is bound to take some time, maybe 1 to 2
>> years, but I think it can happpen. The club has considerable mass, some
>> small kinetic energy, but large potential energy.  All it will take is the
>> right people pushing at the right spot to get it rolling.
>I couldn't agree more and will be happy to help push.  When all the election
>info is finally released, I may even be persuaded to toss my hat in the ring
>and run for an office ... is anyone else interested?  We should use the time
>to get ourselves organized and make sure that we take full advantage of this
>welcome and long-overdue opportunity once it finally presents itself.  If we
>don't and screw it up, then we'll have no one to blame but ourselves...  :^)
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Ernest Wong