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Re: information from Stan Sokol

>Finally, a reply was received on January 29th from Scott Thiss, the new    
>president of the national club.  Mr. Thiss was previously the treasurer. In 
>a conversation I had with Mr. Thiss on January 13th, I asked him why, 
>the Quattro Club USA is a non-profit organization, as stated in all issues
>the Quattro Quarterly (including the latest issue), they do not disclose a 
>financial statement to the members, so we can see how our membership dues  
>are being spent.  His answer was that the Quattro Club USA is not a        
>non-profit organization, but is filing for a tax-exempt status.  Does this 
>mean that they are making a profit on us?                                  
>(Nick Van Houte Writes- If this has happened then most likey the QCUSA 
>will file or allready filed as a Close Corporation
> If this occurs so much for any member appointed elections.) END.

Well then I think that we should ALL Have a problem with this..... For 2  
years I was led to belive that the "Club" was a Not-For-Profit org.  
Their Newsletter says it, and guess what, that's sent through the mail 
and that means that they have broken a few FEDERAL LAWS with regard to 
Mail Fraud.......  It would also seem that's not the end of there 
fradulent practices.  If they truly are a closed corp with no need for 
elections but then why do they tell us otherwise? (Like they have) 

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm......  I'm going to look into the 
mail fraud thingy....  Seems that my States Attorney General just went 
after some mail fraud folks and now they are paying BIG Fines and 
spending some night's in the state run "Hotel Stockadero"....  Hmmm I'll 
bring this up while I'm shooting his re-election commercials week after 


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO