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Re: Auto hierarchy

In a message dated 96-06-01 15:35:24 EDT, you write:

>Hmmm, since passing on the right is illegal in Germany, and those who do so
>subject to a very high fine, this tidbit must explain why Mercedes' have a
>reputation for sitting in the left lane.  They're not bad drivers (illegal,
>actually) they're only preserving the honor of the marque.
>I can picture the scenario now:  "Well, you see Officer.  I'm driving a
>and I have a right, a duty even, to make sure no uppity Golfs pass me.  I
>pull over to let that Porsche 911 by, though."

I had a full cultural lesson from a very well to do friend of my fathers as I
was his driver for 6 weeks in Germany back in 1985....  A 1956 "Mercedes" -
he should know (yo eric - he owned AdPro Gmbh in Hamburg, btw) 220S
convertible with 33kliks on it (6000 pounds, no power steering, hence big
driver needed) that was purchased from the Daimler family in 1981....  As I
pundled along the autobahn from Frankfurt towards Munchin, we gets passed (I
was doing 120mph or so) by the leetle sporty golf GTI, I thought he was going
to clock me on the back of the head for that one....  He asked if the
autobahn speeds made me uncomfortable, to which I replied no, but this was a
VERY expensive classic auto, and I thought I was prudent to drive no more
than the speed I was doing....  To wit, " I don't own a porche turbo (cuz it
rides like a brick), or any other auto, this is my only car, it is mint, it
is fast, and you will pass that golf now or give me the wheel...."  Never
gave the drivers seat up.....  For 5 more weeks I got explained the auto/bahn
culture in Europe, as well as the significance of Mercedes autos in that
fifedom.....    We did things and went places (even cheezed the swiss border
twice while he slept, but I slowed down, just no one stopped me) that only
the car kept us from jail or being shot......  I understood everything about
auto culture in Europe on that trip, and it is really cool.....    And got
clobbered by one of those 911T whilst in the left lane at 134 or so, his
closing speed scared the **it out of me...   Went to Nuremburg twice that
trip, what an adventure........

whispy again