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Re: Fuel Lines

Sam Letzring wrote:
> Can any one help on this?
> While trying to replace the fuel filters on my '86 4KCSQ this weekend (car
> has spent all of its life in the snow and salt capital of the world) I found
> that the fuel line was badly rusted and in fact broke off at one of the
> rubber underbody mounts. Has anyone ever replaced the fuel line? Can you
> just replace it with copper or should you use the  stainless steel? Is the
> flexible line which seems to be heat-shrunk on to the banjo fittings
> available-or should you just use high-pressure rubber line and clamps?


Buy new fuel lines at the dealer (~ $30.00 each or so).  The
hard plastic is a special kind and comes already assembled
onto the banjo fittings.  I would not trust copper because
of the constant vibration that these components endure.

I don't know if any other vendors have these.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe