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Secret of the ISV ???

Hi Audi enthusiasts,

May be you all alreday know about it, but it's new to me.

Well, while I was cleaning up the idle stabilizer valve yesterday, I found a 
kinda secret spot of this thing. I found that there is a hex set screw 
between the two pins at ISV's connector. After I removed the set screw, I 
found that there was a hex adjustment thing inside. I felt kinda strange, 
so I put a hex key in and try to adjust it. After a couple turns, I 
snaped the connector back into the ISV and start the car. Guess what, the 
idle speed changed. 

Hey, seems like the screw inside the ISV can adjust the idle speed. Have 
anyone BTTT? If it is not for adjusting the idle speed, any idea of what 
that for? 

Thank You
	Very Much

Albert Ng  
'87 5000CS Turbo 
Bloomington, Indiana.