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Re: Uh-Oh....

In a message dated 96-06-03 16:13:20 EDT, you write:

>'ve seen lots of a4s in the body shop at my dealer's and have often
>wondered why they seem to be accident prone.  seems like this
>phenomenon is not just a local anomaly...

Except that the "student" and the "instructor" managed to do EVERYTHING
possible to make sure his foot stayed on the gas as he crossed the track a
couple times then went full speed into the trees.....  All the glass and
every body panel gone....   Fortunately (or maybe not), both driver and
instructor got scrapes from the trees and were in one piece....  Yeeha....

No matter how you try, those darn laws of physics just take over when idiots
Both the driver and the instructor deserve three whacks on the bare head with
the whiffle bat.....