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German Grammer

Dear Scott,

Depending on when exactly you were switching to German in your sentance, it
would be EITHER in das fatherland, or in DEM fatherland, but never in der

and for the rest of you's

unwaHrscheinlich is spelled with the H
verboten is not spelled with an F or a second T
Nicklaus out

From: PDQSHIP@aol.com
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 04:52:51 -0400
Subject: Steady there buzzer man

In a message dated 96-06-01 12:09:22 EDT, you write:

BZZZZttttttttttttt....  Scott your a little wrong on this one.  As 
someone who has shot several promo films, lot's of commercials and about 
a dozen training and orentation films for MB, I know for a fact that MB 
goes by MB both here and in der fatherland.  All pre 1966 cars are 
refered to as Daimlers in the company and Post 1966 as MB's....  In fact 
all of my invoices were remited to MB N/A......


......    Hello? Eric?
Bzzzzt back, you may want to reread the post before the buzzer pounce mr
fletch....  As one who has done the promos, and read the thread, you should
know that the "abreviated" version of Mercedes Benz for an MBauto is the
topic here, and one doesn't refer to the marque as Benz or MB (as in two
letters) or Merc or Daimler (altho considered a god in this context) or
anything else.....  The CAR abrev (NOT THE COMPANY) is the Mercedes, tho
perfectly acceptable, I might add, to refer to it as a Mercedes Benz.....
 You're reading your posts too late at night Buzzer-man!!!  This is far from
your first false buzzer of late.....     You really don't have to drink that
Clidesdale stuff, it fizzles only the mind....