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Exhaust and chrome trim advice


   As I will keeping my 4Q for the next while I am trying to correct all
troubles. Two troubles I am having trouble on are :

The chrome trim around the windshield in faded badly. Which is easier ?
Replace chrome trim  or put in solid black rubbler .

Exhaust replacement choices for 86 4000q 
      Borsla(sp?) - $1400Cdn - a bit expensive for a old car I'm selling in one

     Custom built - no one here wants to tackle it even though they have the
                           latest bending equipment behind them. Of course
if these
                           Muffler jockeys were really smart they wouldn't
be there.
                            (I am trifle bitter after spending a few days
trying to find
                             a place who will try.)

      Scorpion - Sounds zoomy and expensive , unknown.

     that's it... 
Patrick  James                            
 86 4000q  - Just keeps going and going.......
 82 Honda CX Turbo 
 S4 soon