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TWO Q's for sale!!!!!!

Older one:
             85 4ksq, arrest- me- red, with the dark brown (almost black)
             interior, 125k miles, Excellent body (only little rust,all spots
             less than 1" (2.5cm) in dia), have ALL papers of repairs that
             weren't done by my father or I, runs great, I am getting his car
             to replace this one (just want a newer car, college and all),
             P/W, P/L, 5 spd, $2900 (cloth inter), good rally car

             87 4kcsq, black on block cloth, 138k miles, driven by my
             mother for more than half of those miles on highway to and
             from work, more rust than above car, but the engine runs A LOT
             better, don't know why, P/W, P/L, 5spd, has most wiring for
             cell phone, new all-season tires, sunroof, mom got a 93 90 to
             replace it, had to drag her from the Q, $3800

Both cars are VERY clean inside and out, no accidents, both have clean factory
wheels. The 87 is the one we would like to sell first, since my father has
yet to decide on a new car. Both cars have been pampered, (3000 mile routine
oil changes, etc) and kept clean throughout our time with them. We have no
other reason for selling them aside from just wanting (having) newer cars
for daily drivers.


John Russell
email: jrusse51@maine.maine.edu

"I drive the vehicle of the gods -- and it is Audi Q"