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Das boot is washed - Bart C.

In a message dated 96-06-04 12:28:52 EDT, you write:

>No such word "auf deutsch" as Father or Fatherland, so it doesn't matter 
>what case you put it in (nominative, dative, passive, subjunctive, etc.)
>It is Vater, it is masculine, and depending on the case/tense verb, it can 
>be "der."
>BTW, sentence does not have an "a" and grammar contains no "e".

.....   And, so as to show my TOTAL ingnorance with my 1 year of German
20years ago, let me be the first to say that my "der" and "faters" (scuze me)
are not in any way to be in the true correct Romance language as posted.....
  The spelling was for the humor of the post, not for the correctness of
Germanic prose......   I can order beers, get myself to the toiletten, and
eat food, whilst in Germany (tho I do find myself eating a lot of
weinerschnitzel)....   Thank goodness for phrase books, and the fact that
most german signs are in english and german, and with 15 years of French
find, that Romance languages are far from rocket science....    But novels I
don't right, my apologies to the language instructors among us......   Bitte

your loyal idioten, audioften (not german, but sounds good donnut?)