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RE: quattro GmbH

Do they do performance parts like M does for WMB? If so, how does one
(namely me!!) get in touch with them? Fax is cheapest and deals with my
lack of German offline for them.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>On Thu, 30 May 96 21:44:59 -0700, Sandra Krystalowich & Perci Hala
>>quattro GmbH ? Anything like BMW's M company?
>>Perci Hala
>>93 Aud! S4
>Yes , you are absolutely right. The quattro GmbH was founded back in
>and they mostly sold accessories like bicycles , watches and clothing
>with the quattro label. This year they started to produce there own
>They start with the S6+ which is a S6 with the 4.2l V8 engine and 326
>They also have a S6+ Avant on line. Additionally they take care of any
>individual wishes like Alcantara leather and so on. 
>Rumors are that there will be a A4 with an biturbo V6 in the near
>future as 
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