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Whoa..... Flashback man!

While packing I turn on ESPN 2 tonight.  Guess what?  I see myself racing 
at Watkins Glen at least 6 years ago with the Paul Rossi "Screaming 
Eagles"  I though they burned all these races.  Well they just announced 
it the 1990 races...... That was when Firehawk was know as the "Luk 
Clutch Challange"..... 2 years later I would have my favorite racing 
moment at Watkins when I took the Hacker bros. Olds into the gravel trap 
after a VERY long fight for position! I seem to remember that was a bad 
hair YEAR for me!  Alos for those that have met me that was Before the 

Oh my god, now there showing the portland race! Okay what game 

Back to your regular programming.....

Audi content:  I was driving a 4 wheel drive Eagle Talon.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO