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Wire size and current capacity

For your auto wiring:

The NEC (National Electrical Code) lists the minimums for safe electrical
wiring/fuses/circuit breakers, etc...  

	They list MAXIMUM amperage for wires:
	14 AWG	15 Amps
	12 AWG	20 Amps
	10 AWG	25 Amps

These ratings are for THW insulation around Copper.  FYI, THW is
Thermoplastic High temperature Wet location insulation.  I suspect the
wire purchased at the auto parts store is equal to this insulation AT
BEST.  Therefore, I highly recommend following the NEC guidelines for
wiring in your car.

A side note from personal experience - Even if your fuses and wiring are
up to the task, the fuse holders and connectors may not be.  I melted a
fuse holder on my 4kCSQ's 80/100 Watt bulbs.  Not a big deal except when
it happens in a so-so part of town when the wife and six month old are
with you.

Watts = volts * amps           typical auto voltage = 13.6
Watts = Watts + Watts (wired in parallel, NEVER wire in series on car)
volts = current * resistance> 

Eric Schumacher