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Coming sale of TQC

	Interesting info on the Garrett charged TQC.

	One downside to huge mods: you never get your money back.

	More experience with this than I would like to admit, but, life 
has shown me that you can take the book [whatever the hell that means] on 
the car and MAYBE get back 25% of what the mods cost ya.  Lots of whacked 
out funny cars out there selling for nickels on the dollars spent.  So, 
enjoy your addiction, but, don't plan on "making" money on resale.

	Be interesting to see what the car "asking" price is.  Who knows, 
maybe things differ when it comes to built Audi's--but I'm doubtful and I 
ain't named Thomas.  Now, rare cars differ, but collectors wannem OEM.