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RE: Hmmmmm...

second one...81 in a 55 zone. Blow me. They were sneaky 
bastards, Im going along in my 20V and there is a cop about 15 cars in 
front of me, and one right behind me. I look down, my cruise is set to 
65. Suddenly they BOTH put on their lights at the same time and pulled 
over everyone in between them. Show time.

Huh..... I don't think I'd have stopped as part of a 'cluster' like that, I'd jes ignore em and keep goin. One of em would have had to git right behind me fer a good bit before I would have acked their existance. I'd try to either a) 'escape' or b) sacrifice myself and force one to 'dedicate' himself to me for the benefit of the rest of the group to escape.....no, not to be altruistic.....I'd be hoping for scenario a) above - a quick escape.