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Re: Dialynx Exhaust Manifold

There is an article on the Dialynx Manifold in this months British quattro
Owners Club newsletter describing how to fit it and the effect on performance.
Simon writes in the newsletter, "What a difference!  The car pulls well from
lower down the rev range.  The exhaust note has changed to deeper tone,
confirming that the engine breathing is better ... the harmonic vibrations that
had plagued the car had gone ... there are no violent clicks or creaks from the
exhaust when the engine is turned off ... don't delay, or wait till your
manifold is spitting or blowing, buy one, fit it, and enjoy driving your car
once again.  This is possibly the best money you will ever spend on your car."

Maybe you should give Aelred a ring at Dialynx.

Philip Ross

Ur Quattro, V8 Quattro, 200 Avant Quattro

From: "Mike Hopton" <mike@genesis-microchip.on.ca>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 10:08:13 -0400
Subject: Dialynx Exhaust Manifold

     There was a picture of the Dialynx I5 Turbo manifold in this months 
     European car. Has anyone experience of this manifold? It's a single piece 
     casting so I would expect the same problems with studs breaking as the 
     older type single piece Audi manifold would still apply? 
     Or maybe I should just wait for the header.... any news on that thread?
     Regards, Mike