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Re: Jimi Hendrix does my Dinger!!!

OR, Subject: My car is more broke than your car....

I don't know if this tops Purple Haze coming from the
door panels but it has to rank....

In the last couple of weeks I have had some strange
cut out phenomenon, always occuring with AC on.  I
think the whole car is dying cause when the fan and
compressor die, so does most of the noise.  I really
think "Oh my god, it's stalling on the on ramp!"
Then it cuts back in.  Now this is NOT strange for an
Ur-Q.  I already replaced the aux fuse panel and
rewired the 12 V lead to the ECU.

The wierd part is that I found my stereo lost one channel
about the same time the car started doing this.  It did this 
immitation stall deal for a third time last night, then the left
channel came back.  Coincidence, weird science, or perhaps
alien invasions with EMP guns.

paul timmerman