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Re: 84 brakes

Hairy green toads from Mars made Brendan Rudack say:

> Wouldn't recommend using the breaker bar with a rachet.  Had my Snap on
> rachet go like that last week and a Craftsmen a few months earlier.  Great
> way to get new tools for free though!  Use one of them thingies ment for
> high torques with breaker bars.  What do you call them any way, you know 
> The metal bar that holds a socket and the head swivels 180degrees?

I call it my lug wrench.

Long ago I stopped using those pitiful jacks and lug wrenches that
come with the car. I now have a 2.5 ton floor jack and a Craftsman
24" breaker bar with a 1/2" head holding a 17mm socket.

I can change tires in about 3 minutes now.... And that's all 4.


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