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Re: Replacement Tires

>> Re: replacements for the Goodyear's on your wife's 100 CS.  I have 
>> replaced Goodyears (NCT's) on an '84 5KT and a 1990 200 (GA's) 
>> with BF Goodrich Comp TA's in the H-rated series.  They cost about 2/3 of
>>what the 
>> Goodyears did (Like about $84 per corner!) and I consider them
>> superior in these respects:
>> 1)  Smoother ride
>> 2)  Better in the wet, just as good in the dry
>> 3)  Equal handling capability
>> 4)  Tires last much longer
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>I've found this to be VERY true for the BFG's.  I have Radial T/A's and
>they're gonna last forever at the rate they're going now.  Very smooth
>ride (which isn't necessarily what I want, but Dad forked over the cash
>'cause he liked the 440 treadwear rating).

Only caveat on that is that, like old Michelins, the later part of the
tread has significantly reduced grip (aging rubber because of th long
life?) and more noise.

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