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endos and replacement for rolled MPV

Al Powell writes:

>But....are you sure he doesn't deserve the citation?  Not meaning to 
>be cruel, but he may well have earned it.  As far as the van - why 
>NOT a Q-model if they don't have bulky cargo to carry?  It is a safer 

He might deserve the ticket. Trouble is.. he's still very wet behind the ears.
I'm not sure how it works in Texas but in New York, the first six months of a
new license are under probation. Get a moving violation, and wave buh-bye to
to freedom. Plus.. there goes the insurance rating. The way I look
at it, there was a big pot-hole in the road. He hit it.. the van lurched to the
right digging into the shoulder and inducing the skid. The road where he had
the accident was a bad road to begin with. Since there were no other cars and
the ticket was handed to him post accident, I think he has a fair chance of
beating the rap. 
Why not a Q? You got it, the space. We do haul an incredible amount of stuff
around. Personally, I think we could along just fine with two Qs in the family
and rent a damn u-haul when we needed too. The van was good to tow around our
flat-bed snowmobile trailer as well, also loaded with stuff. As I sit typing
this my father is probably once again contemplating a pick-up truck, to haul
even more stuff around. If he decided to get a P/U, perhaps he can be pursuaded
to go the Q route. What's the usual going rate for a A4Q? the only absolutely
neccessary option would be an Automatic Tranny, I know.. I imagine the rolled
eyes and such. The folks were talking about just getting another MPV. IMHO the
redesigned front end looks alot like a dogs rear-end. Any ideas? How 'bout a
nice Toyota Fourrunner? It looks like a debate will shortly begin, in my family
at least, as to what the replacement will be. I need to be armed and prepared. 
                            -Osman Parvez

                             85 mr2
                             89 200Q
                             91 Golf