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Tick in dashboard

Hello Everyone,

I've got a ticking noise coming from the drivers side of my dashboard that's driving me 
nuts!  It occurs intermittently.  When it happens, it is random in nature (sometimes 
it's a constant tick tick tick, sometimes it's not).  I don't think it's the tach cable 
because it doesn't vary in speed with the rpms.  It doesn't vary in speed with the car 
speed either, but I have noticed that sometimes it may be a steady tick while I'm 
cruising and then changes to random when I come to a stop (and vice-versa).  But 
sometimes it will change from constant to random while I'm driving with no change in 
car speed (or while I'm idling also).

Anybody have any ideas or been through this?  Speedometer cable maybe?

Tony Fordham
Grand Haven, MI
90 90